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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Local Amenities For Children

Finsbury Leisure Centre, East London

Lots of you have asked about a signed edition of the book. Well, I have finally got around to issuing a kinda 'Special Edition' of the Little People book - It is a signed, numbered edition which comes with the above image as a suitably small 14x10cm print, also signed and numbered. It is available now by clicking on the 'Stuff For Sale' button above, or here. If you live outside Europe and want it before Christmas, order ASAP! And, of course the normal edition is available through Amazon and other olde, non-virtual bookshops.

I also have an OFFICIAL website now, with the easy-to-remember address of You can check it out to see some previously unseen (on the web at least) work and also pictures from past shows that I have contributed to, including some from my solo show in the summer. Thanks to my mate Alexis for putting it together (she is also, coincidentally, a little person herself.)

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