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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Antwerp, Belgium

Some work from last month's outdoor show in Antwerp. A massive thanks to everyone (around 6000!) who turned out, despite the rain, to hunt down the little people. It was a fantastic - and rare - experience for me to see so many people looking for and taking their own shots of the installations and it was great to get to meet so many of you. 


You can see a selection of my photography on display this Friday 29th June at the V&A Friday Late  (kindly loaned by my friends at Andipa Gallery!) - and also get the chance to make your own miniature sculptures to display around the museum. 
The 'Big Invasion of Small Sculptures' event is being hosted by Drink, Shop & Do. Make a sculpture of your choice with the materials that they'll provide, incorporate it in to the surroundings of the museum, take a picture and upload it - Drink, Shop & Do will be giving away signed copies of my book for the best images taken.

This month's Friday Late is titled 'Un-built: De/Constructing architecture' and there are a ton of other activities, installations and workshops exploring the interplay of art and architecture. And if that sounds too high-brow, there is the usual bar and live music too. Should be a fun night. Check the flyer below for more info or click here.

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