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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(Image: Goodbye Metropolis - Caledonia Road area, London)

My new solo show 'Whatever Happened to the Men of Tomorrow?' opens on Thursday 4th June at Andipa Gallery in London. It features brand new images of installations that I have been placing around London over the past year. It runs until the 27th June. More images to follow over the next couple of weeks....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tunnel 228

Another shot of one of my Tunnel 228 installations. This one is crammed in a dark corner away from the main 'action'. All the installations feature shift workers or night workers of one sort or another; the people who keep things running in a city behind the scenes, in reference to the workers in the film Metropolis who slave away below ground to keep the city running for those above...

Sorry to those who couldn't get tickets - they sold out very quickly but the show might be restaged in the Autumn.

Tunnel 228

I've been working on some installations for a new art/theatre show that opens this week. The show is called Tunnel 228 and is being organised jointly by The Old Vic theater and Punch Drunk, an alternative theatre company. What makes the show so exciting is that is set in old disused tunnels under Waterloo station in London that are normally not open to the public. The show uses Fritz Lang's classic film Metropolis as a springboard and is half an art show, with works by Antony Micallef, Mark Jenkins, Polly Morgan and Xenz amongst many others, and half a performance. I have hidden miniature installations around the space, lit with tiny lights - you will have to explore to find them. Tickets are free, but you will have to book online to reserve a place --------->Sorry, seems the tickets have sold out!
To see more about the show look here ---------->

Monday, May 04, 2009

Epic Fail

Festival Hall, London

This is a bit late, but I recently made the above image in to my first skateboard deck for the Identity Crisis show at Shiv Gallery in London (the renamed Cosh Gallery - they like their weaponry). It is an edition of 20.
The show opened last week but will be up for 5 weeks so there is still time to pop along and see great work by M-City, Joe Black, Miss Buggs and Pure Evil amongst others.

In other news my next solo show is coming up soon, but before that something pretty cool will be happening next week...
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