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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vandalised cash machine

The original, a year and a half ago.

A new customer, today.

I don't often check back on the little people once I have placed them on the street. If i do, i usually find that they have long gone. The cash machine installation however was intact the last time I saw it, a few months after it was placed. I checked again recently, but the little man was gone. The cash machine was still there though, although it looks a bit vandalised now. I decided to put a new little person down and see how long she lasts...

I will be taking part in a new show at Andipa gallery in South Kensington, London, starting from 25th June. It is called 'Trespass Alliance: Inside Urban Art' and features 'A selction of paintings, sculptures and installations by influential urban artists' such as Swoon, Faile, D*Face, Nick Georgiou and, er... me. Guess everyone makes mistakes... I've got two new pieces in the show and an installation that is, quite literally, rubbish. I will be posting images from the show in the week and you can check out more info here.
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