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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rush Hour

I've started a sister-site to Little People called Inner City Snail, utilising the humble snail shell as a medium for 'art'. No snails were harmed, they just had their homes vandalised.

I am also excited to announce that a Little People book will be out soon, titled 'Little People in the City - The street art of Slinkachu'. It will be a chunky little hardcover packed full of my photographs from this site over the past two years, shots that have appeared in various magazines and exhibitions and also a lot of new unseen stuff. It will be published through Boxtree and will be out on the 5th of September at all good bookstores (and some rubbish ones). A pre-order page is up on amazon now, if you can't wait for the remainder bin. And its only £10! What are they thinking?! (No, seriously, what are they thinking?! I had dreams of a yacht...)

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